Soul Sacrifice Delta

I tried hard to like the original Soul Sacrifice. I tried to get my girlfriend and my friends to get into it, but ultimately, there was just something missing. As it turns out, there was a lot missing. Delta has included all of the things I wanted from the original and a few I didn’t even know I wanted.

I’m going to assume that you, the reader, hasn’t played the original game for a moment. Soul Sacrifice Delta is in the action sub-genre many refer to as Hunter or Raid. What that means is most of the game consists of you fighting a large boss fight alone, with an AI controlled ally, or with some friends. In almost every case, going with friends is a recipe for hours of fun.

Unlike most games in this genre, Soul Sacrifice does not have you building new armor and weapons from the remnants of your recent kills. Instead, every mission rewards the player with ‘offerings’. You can equip up to six of these offerings at a time. Each offering has a limited number of uses and has a special ability tied to it. A couple examples are summoning a spear that you can use for a short period or until you dismiss it, or causing the earth to rise up in front of you so that you can better reach the boss’ weakness, or by making a tree sprout that bears fruit that enhances your strength. There are many other types of offerings that allow for a varried experience.

In addition to the offerings, you may carve sigils into your arm that give you boosts to your favorite style of play. New to Delta is a palm sigil that serves a purely cosmetic purpose. Sure, you get a boost along with the cosmetic change, but 20 health or 5 extra damage isn’t going to make a difference in how good or bad your build is. The other sigils make a significant difference such as adding 600 health or 75% extra damage when throwing explosive grenades.

Probably the most notable upgrade is the story. Sure, there are more side stories, but they also included a full story for the Santuarium and the new faction, Grim. As you might expect, all of the stories in the Grim plot are themed around various Grimm fairy tales. Characters like Red Riding Hood and bosses like the Three Little Pigs make an appearance.

Overall, I really enjoy Soul Sacrifice Delta much more than the original. It stands tall along side games like Monster Hunter and Toukiden with its own unique flavor. Gather up some friends or find some online and go kill some demons.

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