What is Portable Review?

It all started when we met on the GameFaqs system boards, long before CJ sold the site to GameSpot. We began our we endeavor by creating a GeoCities page called GBAUnlimited. When the DS and PSP came out, we felt that we needed to expand to a more general and recognizable name. PortableReview.com was born.

After a good couple of years, many of my writers and my HTML guy went off to college. Two of us remained, but with neither of us having even passable HTML skills, the site started to spin out of control. The site was always a volunteer project, so finding someone to handle the back end proved to be a very hard task. To make matters worse, our server changed owners. The new owner was very hard to get hold of and my server fees lapsed. We continued for a while before that server owner sold it and shut everything down with no warning. I’d like to think that somewhere or there on a remote hard drive, our content still exists.

With our dreams coming down around us, I lost my job. I could no longer afford to pay for the domain name let alone as server. Portable Review ceased to be.

Until now. I would like to welcome any and all readers to indulge in my highly opinionated reviews. At present, I am the sole member of this blog, so please bear with me as I attempt to bring back an old friend.

Contact Us:
Email: Greg [dot] Daily <at> portablereview [dot] net