Now Playing 7/29/2015

For the first time in forever, I managed to have a review done and ready on release day! I’m feeling quite accomplished in that fact. It helps that I had plenty of time with the game before it’s release, but even more that the game was good. I’m talking about you, Lost Dimension. Well, for every good, there is a bad. Considering I spent so much time with Lost Dimension, I was unable to get my BlazBlue review up on time. That’s not necessarily a bad thing though. The game, oddly enough, is devoid of the story mode. I thought it was quite odd and was going to mark it down for that, considering the last Vita game had the complete story from previous games. Fear not, BlazBlue fans, the Vita version DOES have a complete story mode, but it’s day one DLC…the best kind of DLC though – FREE DLC! I think that, considering how large the story DLC file is, they decided to opt to give Vita owners who want the fighting game portions an option to have JUST that without the story’s extensive voice acting and artwork, freeing up some space. Good call, in my opinion as even on my 64gb memory card, I’m always running out of space.

So, what else am I doing? Well, you know what? Arc Systems sent me a PS3 code for Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters. Due to my late request, they ran out of Vita codes, but I will be reviewing the PS3 version. From what I can tell, I may be buying the Vita version as well. This game is surprisingly good. I couldn’t tell if it was an RPG or a Visual Novel, or a Dating Sim. After playing it for the past few hours, I can tell you that it’s none of those things…and all of those things. The majority of my time playing the game has been through visual novel story paths. That said, there are RPG elements such as leveling up your character, equipment, crafting, and training skills. There is also a level of strategy to the game. The battles are like nothing I’ve ever played before. Basically, you plan a course of action on a floor plan of a house or store or what have you by placing traps and items to assist your investigation/ghost battle. Then, each character has a role similar to strategy RPGs. I suppose this is the biggest complaint because your characters are represented by simple colored triangles on the same grid you plan your mission on. I think everyone would much rather something that shows the lay of the land and the characters graphically, but these moments in the game, while crucial, are small parts of the whole. As I stated, the story seems to be the meat and potatoes of the game, culminating in a battle like described above. I’ll hold the rest of my thoughts for the full review, but I am delightfully impressed with this game so far. I don’t think my PS3 has been plugged in this long in a long time, let alone played for this long.


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