Now Playing 6/28/2015

Last week was the final week of school before summer vacation. It feels great to be free. Last week, I also got a review copy of Lost Dimension. My first impressions were…mixed. I can’t stand the character design for any of the characters. They have a seriously “budget” vibe going on, but once I got past that initial reaction, I was introduced to a very good strategy RPG. It’s as though they combined Danganronpa’s “catch the killer” vibe with Natural Doctrine’s combat system and a sterile white dystopian future aesthetic similar to Freedom Wars. When I say that it’s like Natural Doctrine, I mean that in the best possible way. The combat has a lot of features similar to Natural Doctrine, but it’s a much faster system. The only real slow point comes from the assist actions if you manage to position yourself poorly and 6 enemies get to assist one another on each of their attacks. It very desperately needs a way to fast forward enemy turns when this happens.

In other news, I’m playing The Witcher 3 and Pillars of Eternity on PC still. These games are such gems. I’m considering buying one of the two major RPGs on Vita’s flash sale this week; Tales of Hearts R and Sword Art Online. Each are $15 marked down from $40. Not a bad deal for either game. Any suggestions?

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