• Guts & Glory

    You’ll laugh until it isn’t funny anymore! This game is…Odd, to say the least. I want to say that it is a bad game, yet at the same time I feel like that was the whole point to begin with. So in that sense, calling it “bad” accomplishes nothing. It isn’t bad in the “Let’s make some trash game that doesn’t work” sense. Guts and Glory just has this “cheap” air about it, like the developer got a hold of a budget physics program and started playing with it, and this game is the results of all of their demented mayhem (and ooooh, boy, is there demented mayhem here). There…

  • Road Not Taken Trailer

    I’ve never been very fond of the rogue-like genre, but this game has a certain charm about it that presses buttons in all the right order. It also helps that it’s not a traditional rogue-like in that it focuses heavily on puzzles. From the video, I gathered that puzzles are a part of the combat as well. Check out the video and see for yourself what the developers of TrippleTown have in store for the Vita and Playstation 4. Road Not Teken is scheduled to release early next year.