• Waterfield Switchpack

    In my search for a carry case for my Nintendo Switch, I’ve gone through quite a few different cases. After reaching out to sfbags.com, I was able to get my hands on their latest Switch case, the Switchpack. The Switchpack offers a lot of storage at about the same profile as other cases I’ve had, most notably the TakeCase and the RDS Switch Deluxe Travel. While it is nearly twice the width of the RDS Switch Deluxe Travel case, it can hold almost as much as the RDS Switch Deluxe System case. After modding my dock to be more portable, I can even get that in here without adding any…

  • Noreve Note II Case

    Noreve, makers of fine leather protective cases, sent me a very nice one for my Note II. I’ve been using it since it arrived about a month ago. I’m going to review this a bit differently than I would games or even other devices. Check out the full review inside.