Noreve iPad Air Case (Tradition B)


I’ve been seriously delaying this review because I’m not sure how to adequately evaluate it. I was going to write an article about multiple cases, but I only managed to get two.

The Tradition B is an amazingly thin, but hard case. It covers both the rear and the the screen while the magnetic snap is closed. The binding is to the left while in portrait orientation with a snap on the right. The outside has a quilted texture that seemed a bit feminine at first. After asking a few people what they thought of it, they said it looked more high-class than feminine. I asked both men and women individually, and most of them shared the same sentiment so, I’ll take their word for it.

One thing that many iPad Air owners love about the Air is how light and thin it is. Adding a case usually takes away from that. While, there’s no way to add a case without adding bulk, the Tradition B manages to keep that extra bulk to a minimum. I think the only full case that is smaller than this is the Apple branded one, but that one isn’t nearly as nice. They’re both about the same price, so if I were on the edge, I would go with Noreve.

I have been putting this case to work for a few months now and none of it has begun to wear down at all. The leather is soft and supple to the touch, but incredibly durable. The rear portion of the case is a leather-bound piece of hard plastic while the front feels as though it is simply two thicker pieces of leather sewn together.

The inside of that leather flap has a few slots to hold onto credit or business cards. There is another pocket in a vertical orientation for a document or two, folded of course.

As I stated in the beginning, I have another case; one with a keyboard. It has been hard to decide which case I prefer more, but the Noreve clearly wins the looks and feel category. It’s very premium and couture. If you’re looking for a sexy case for your iPad Air, custom order your own at today.

Editor’s Note: The Tradition B is very similar across all tablets including the Galaxy Tab, Note 10.1, and the Surface Pro except that the Surface Pro features a cover that can hold the keyboard.

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  • Greg Daily

    Greg Daily

    Update: I’m still using this case and have been almost exclusively since writing this review. The sleek design has made it so I almost never take my iPad Air out of it. It goes with me everywhere and has held the test of normal, and sometimes rugged everyday use. I have no noticeable marring or tears in the leather. It’s almost as it was when I first got it. Definitely a quality product.

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