SNK VS Capcom: Card Fighters’ Clash


Back when the Neo Geo Pocket Color was new (if you had it), you had to have two games to recognize its greatness: SNK vs. Capcom: Match of the Millennium & SNK vs. Capcom: Card Fighters’ Clash. This game stands out from most NGPC titles, mainly because it isn’t a fighter. But, don’t be fooled, it’s just as fast-paced as its relative, MoTM. Perhaps, even more so.

This game has your average CCG plot, trying to get the best cards and become the World Champion. But, seemingly taking a page out of Pokémon, it comes in two versions (SNK & Capcom), both including special cards that can only be received in that version. Also, both versions have two different character choices (either a boy or a girl). Depending on whichever version you have, the male character from the other version will be your rival. So, if you have the SNK version, Cap (the male character from the Capcom version) will be your rival.

The graphics are great in this game, especially considering that it’s a first-generation NGPC title. The two-tone look shows for the actual characters (but it’s not as noticeable as the fighting games’ two-tone effects.), all the card graphics look good (although a bit super-deformed.), and the backgrounds look vibrant.

The gameplay in this game is fast-paced and exciting, there’s no slowdown, no lagging, and this game is pure fun anyway. The point of this game, like most CCGs (Card Collecting Games), is to use your cards to damage your opponent until they run out of “Health Points” (HP). Another good feature in this game is that the characters/cards’ life points are also used as their attack points, known in this game as BP (“Battle Points”). You can also use certain character cards to back-up ones already on the field to increase their BP by 300. Another great thing in this game, are the Action Cards. Action Cards, which are usually powered by SP (or “Soul Points”), which can be earned by placing down characters that increase them, can effect the gameplay by attacking your opponent’s HP, increasing your own, returning some discarded cards to your deck, and more. SP can also be used to form “Unite Attacks”, which allow you to add together the BP of 2 or 3 cards into one attack that can bypass counters (if the cards still have any BP, after being countered) and can attack your opponent.

As for the sound, I love the music in this game, especially all of the battle music. And if you play around in some stages, you’ll hear some classic SNK & Capcom stage music. Also, the use of digitized sound bites in this game is also amazing, considering that this is a first-generation NGPC game (which can also be played on the NGPC’s predecessor).

As for replay value, this game is filled with it. In fact, the epilogue of this game is even more fun to play through than the actual story itself. Beating the game allows you access to rarer cards, either by defeating Mask or by winning them in an auction.

In other words, if you have ever thought about picking up a NGPC and/or a CCG, try picking up Card Fighters’ Clash. It’s the best game for the NGPC and it’s probably one of the best/only CCGs to get an American release. ‘Nuff said.

-Originally Posted by Wolfdogg