Now Playing 9/18/2016

Between going back to work as a bus driver and the rather large number of games I’ve received to review, I’ve been pretty swamped. Were it just simple games, this wouldn’t be too difficult of a task to bear, but I’ve been handed quite a few, very long RPGs, including Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse, Trails of Cold Steel II, God Eater 2, and Attack on Titan. I have all of these great RPGs to play, but I just want to play Monster Hunter Generations with my friends. Still, I have been making my way through these games. I’d really like to know who decides when to release games like Monster Hunter within a month of the real deal? I really enjoy God Eater 2, but with Generations still fairly fresh, I just can’t get fully into it.

Anyway, I’ve played through the first chapter of Trails of Cold Steel II, and now I’m going through it with the save data from the first game to see how it differs. I would like to give a thorough review of that game, as I feel there were a few things I missed by not playing the first one to completion, namely how much the last few chapters drag on. I mention in my review something to the contrary, but by the time I was nearing the end, I just wanted the overlong dialog to end. I also grew to hate Rean and his all-too-often goody two shoes act. I didn’t beat the game until a few days ago, and I’m kind of glad I didn’t. Had I beaten it last year and had to wait until now to find out what happened after the first game ended the way it did, I’d be really upset. Still, I’ve already noticed some changes for the better in the sequel. The engine doesn’t seem to chug as much in cut scenes on the Vita.

Attack on Titan just bores me to death. I don’t care for the show, and the game, while boasting some fun movement mechanics, just falls flat for me much in the way the show does. After I get ToCS2 and SMT4:A out of the way, I’ll give it a more in-depth look. Until then, I’ve gotta hit the RPG grind and work on getting a review out in the next week or so. I’ve also go a backlog of unfinished reviews that you should see soon.

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