Now Playing 9/18/2016

Between going back to work as a bus driver and the rather large number of games I've received to review, I've been pretty swamped. Were it just simple games, this wouldn't be too difficult of a task to bear, but I've been handed quite a few, very long RPGs, including

Now Playing 10/30/2015

Oh man! So much has happened since my last update. Hell, a lot has happened since my last review even. For the few months, my mother has been suffering in the hospital with heart and lung issues. I've been spending all of my free time up there with her, so

Now Playing 9/6/2015

My list of games to review keeps growing, but when it comes to Vita reviews, I'm kind of solo here. Jason is working on Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai DX and from what he tells me, it's a real charmer. As for me, I'm playing way too many anime games. If

Now Playing 8/14/2015

Wow! Where to start? Well, I'm currently playing Dungeon Travelers 2: The Royal Library & The Monster Seal. It's a mouthful, and it's pretty topped off with fan service. It's mostly tasteful, but the first full screen image you see after going through the introduction is this: That should give you

Now Playing 7/29/2015

For the first time in forever, I managed to have a review done and ready on release day! I'm feeling quite accomplished in that fact. It helps that I had plenty of time with the game before it's release, but even more that the game was good. I'm talking about

Now Playing 7/20/2015

So, I'm sitting on this review for Lost Dimension, but I can't release it for another week or so. While looking through my old emails, I realized that I never released (or finalized) my Senran Kagura review. I was also sent Senran Kagura Bon Appetite, but I was never able

Now Playing 7/12/2015

I just got back from an all night LAN at GameOn LAN. I'm a PC gamer, but not really a LAN gamer. The owner, Josh, let's our fighting game crew piggy back on the PC LAN parties for a much cheaper fee since we bring our own setups and gear

Now Playing 6/28/2015

Last week was the final week of school before summer vacation. It feels great to be free. Last week, I also got a review copy of Lost Dimension. My first impressions were...mixed. I can't stand the character design for any of the characters. They have a seriously "budget" vibe going

Now Playing 6/7/2015

I've been the worst at updating this blog. I got a little discouraged when I paid someone to make a custom theme for my needs and they didn't come through. Long story short, our communication was near non-existent after our initial meeting. In the end, the project was never finished

Now Playing: 2/20/2015

I'm a horrible blogger. I really am. I've been slacking so much lately, but it's not my fault. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate and the New 3DS came out on the same day. Up until now, I have pretty much hated my 3DS. There were a few reasons, but the main