Enter to Win a Nintendo Switch

NIS America is doing a big contest, called the The Great Disgaea Switch-Stakes. Seven (7) lucky people will win a Nintendo Switch bundled with Disgaea 5 Complete. Here's what they have to say. With this amazing bundle, gamers will be able to enjoy the latest game in the legendary strategy RPG series,

Bloxels Kickstarter Is Live!

https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/pixelpress/bloxels-build-your-own-video-games-with-blocks I've known about this Kickstarter for a while. These guys are the brilliant minds behind Floors and the Adventure Time Game Wizard for iPad and Android. Check out this Kickstarter. If you have kids and a tablet, this should be a no-brainer.

Contest: Rainbow Moon Giveaway

#Rainbowmoongivaway Follow and RT @portablereview and @eastasiasoft for a chance to win a copy of Rainbow Moon for the PS Vita. Ends Feb. 28— Portablereview (@PortableReview) February 8, 2014 It's easy to enter; simply follow us on Twitter, and retweet the message above. The contest ends February 28. A winner will

Rymdkapsel Free!

Rymdkapsel is free on PSN for the holidays. The game is fantastic, so go pick it up! Other games in the PS Mobile section will be free over the next few weeks.

Dragon’s Crown To Get Cross-Play

I got an email today with very little more than this image and a small description stating that this is happening very soon. I know a bunch of people who had hoped this was included from the start. Good to see that it's happening. Better late than never, I suppose.

Dragon’s Crown On Sale Now

Direct from the Chimera's mouth: Your prayers have been answered! Althena has granted you the Blessing of Discounts and from today until Oct. 15 Dragon's Crown will be $10 off in retail stores and PlayStation Network. Oh, I almost forgot to mention that the Blessing of Discounts also applies to the Dragon's Crown Storyteller Voice Pack

Soul Sacrifice Final Update Is Live

Soul Sacrifice version 1.30 was released in the States today and includes 16 new challenges. You must update from the game's Live Area. Once you do, you can access the new content from within Librom's Forgotten Pacts pages. The two new pacts are called the Hour of Blackness and The

Injustice Coming To Vita Nov. 12

I'm not sure what it was that kept me from getting into Injustice: Gods Among Us, but I'm so excited to report that it's coming to the Vita in just over one month. The graphics will surely take a hit, but the team working on the game have managed to

Shantae Coming To 3DS & Vita!

With Mighty No. 9 fully funded beyond the final stretch goal of $4,000,000, we focus our attention to his older cousin, Shantae. Already funded with a couple of stretch goals reached, it isn't doing quite as well. This series has consistently delivered solid platforming ever since it's debut. The more